SABINA K. – Bosnian film


Cristóbal Krusen

SABINA K. is the first ever Gospel film to be done in Bosnia-Herzegovina, inspired by the true story of a Muslim lady from Sarajevo who suffers the loss of all she holds dear, deciding on suicide as her only exit from a cruel and unforgiving world.  To her surprise, however, the end is yet to be revealed as she encounters the love of God in an amazing way. Mainly filmed in Sarajevo at the beginning of 2014, in the Bosnian language and with an A-tier Bosnian film cast, this film is destined to spiritually impact the Balkan nations.

“Just to apprise you that we’re now moving into the critical final phase of post-production for our feature film, Sabina K. How I look forward to a successful premiere of the film in Sarajevo this winter – God willing – and a long and fruitful ministry using the film throughout the Balkans. I truly believe yours and Sandrina’s support and encouragement, as well as your strategic input and partnership in distributing the film, is vital to our success!” – Cristóbal Krusen, director of SABINA K.

Please take two minutes to view the official trailer for SABINA K.

To our friends in the USA, should the Lord place it on your heart to send a contribution (by check or online) to help with the post-production costs of the film, you may do so by clicking here:


MESSENGER FILMS was founded in 1988 as a 501(c)3 corporation and donations to their ministry are tax-deductible to the amount allowed by law. Your gifts will help Cristóbal and his team to finish production on SABINA K. and to continue making movies that change people’s lives for eternity!

To our friends in Holland and throughout Europe, you may send contributions for the SABINA K. film project through Healing The Nations – please go to the SUPPORTING page at the top for details.


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