We are excited to be launching FOCUS BUSINESS SCHOOL BiH (FBSBIH) in partnership with Swedish based FOCUS BUSINESS SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL (FBSI).


The mission statement of FBSI is as follows:

Mission statement

We want to inspire, train and support the process of creating an environment of entrepreneurship in the church.
– Inspire through seminars
– Train through Focus Business School (FBS)
– Support through  Focus Business Forum

Our objectives:

a) To increase the incomes of the believers through entrepreneurship
b) To help the local churches become self-sufficient
c) To create a hope for the young generation so they can stay in their region.
d) To make disciples of Christ in the marketplace

Our primary working method is to:

a) operate our own Focus Business Schools
b) support congregations/organizations to run Focus Business Schools in-house by providing educational material and pedagogical concepts.

Target Group

We turn to churches throughout the Body of Christ, regardless of denomination, where members struggle with economic and social difficulties – though primarily in developing countries where doing business has not yet been established with the Christians.


• Biblical foundation with the kingdom of God at the center
• Believe in God’s generosity
• Believe in people’s innate potential and ability
• Always striving after a dedicated Christian lifestyle
• Simplicity and excellence
• Serve people first

Openness to non-Christians without compromising God’s word

• Neutral and independent towards denominations and non-political
• Not to compete with other organizations
• Local responsibility, not aid

Expand and build capacity through networking


We are a small and efficient organization that through God’s call releases the entrepreneurship on the biblical foundation of the church.
Strategic goals

Develop the capacity to help each congregation/organization within our target group, and within the three main regions of Asia, Africa and Europe, who wish to start a FBS.


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