MARCH 2016

This Sunday we celebrate with you the resurrection of Jesus Christ – the Son of God who came and suffered for our sake, dying in our place and rising from the dead to give us eternal life. His resurrection marks the release of Divine power into our lives that frees us from the bondage of sin, from the fear of death and from the depths of hopelessness. That is just scratching the surface of what His life, death and resurrection means for each of us who have be transformed by His grace and mercy.We pray that you walk in a deeper relationship with the Lord and Savior of your soul – He is worthy of all praise!Blessing in His mighty name!

Robert & Sandrina

We are believing for the final $20,000 / EURO 18,000 to finish out the renovation on the new Children’s Ministry Center. Our target opening date is April 24th. Pray with us that those funds will be raised quickly so that we can get the renovation work behind us and fully focus on outreach to new people and training the believers.
We will finish decorating the windows of the Children’s Ministry Center the coming week – children and their parents walking by love it! Also, the JUNGLE THEATER (pics below) will seat about 40 children when finished – the children will enjoy watching Christian, nature/educational films and puppet shows in a theater customized for them.
Last weekend, we were blessed by the ministry of Zoran Kovacevic (r) and his father Zvonko and brother Darko through worship and preaching – very anointed family! We held our first men’s meeting and they ministered last Sunday, also.

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