Blessed service on Christmas Day as a fellowship – the children took the lead in the celebrations.

Reaching One by One

As we celebrated Christmas and New Year’s Day, we had much to reflect upon and to be thankful for evidenced throughout 2015. We stand amazed by the faithfulness of God, and the financial generosity from YOU, our family, friends and supporting churches.  It is a tremendous privilege to serve as missionaries in Sarajevo, pioneering a new church plant and ministry center.While we are in a season of renovations on the physical facility, our hearts and eyes are focused on reaching out to people one by one and seek out the opportunities the Lord opens. Bob and Eileen Pressler, directors of the ministry CENTER FOR LIFE “LIGHTHOUSE”, with whom we serve in pro-life ministry here in Sarajevo, called Sandrina about a lady who had contacted them.

When her firstborn was 8 months old, this lady found that she was pregnant again with her second child. Due to their poverty level, she felt that it would be too much of a financial strain on them to continue the pregnancy and was planning to abort. However, through coming across the website of the LIGHTHOUSE, she discovered the pro-life message and contacted our counselor. She made the decision not to abort! Since they were out of firewood (many homes in Sarajevo are heated on firewood and coal), the LIGHTHOUSE provided firewood to help them heat their home over the next couple months.

Eileen Pressler (r), director of the pro-life ministry LIGHTHOUSE, with Sandrina, visiting the family – another unborn life saved!

In American football terminology, Christmas / New Year’s Day was ‘halftime’ for us with the renovations of the new facility. With our home church, THE REFUGE (Concord, NC), and our regular support team giving extra funds specifically for the renovation, January has been like a third quarter whirlwind of activity where we have dominated the action on the field. We have been able to make significant progress (tackling some essentials: exterior painting, upgrading the heating system and windows of the children’s ministry building, kitchen expansion, finish the plumbing and restrooms, electrical, etc) and put some more points on the board. Below are some highlights.


February is our 4th Quarter in a playoff match to determine if we go further to the SuperBowl of pioneer church planting or not – that is how serious a moment it is – major league level. Many have discount our ministry as foolishness (“This has never been done before in Bosnia”), some expecting our defeat (“This ministry center will never sustain itself financially”), and some despise it all together (“Of course, you’re an American – you think you can just do whatever you want”), and lastly, projecting a spirit of hopelessness (“What a weak group of individuals – who do they think they are?”). And so is the trash talk one hears on the scrimmage line.To all who have prayed and financially sown sacrificially, thank you! You have struggled with us through all the blood, sweat and tears. To you who are spectators, it’s time to suit up and get in the game – there is still time to team up and bring the victory. We need you – Bosnia needs you – let’s carry this together to the end zone – we have come way too far not to win! #KeepPounding!!

Concerning physical labor, Building #1 (yellow) is 95% renovated. Building #2 (blue) is the new children’s ministry center – 50% renovated – painting, flooring and furnishings still needed.

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