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We are back in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and wish to express our appreciation to everyone who provided in one or the other way for our seven weeks in the USA. Special thanks to very special friends who made available the perfect vehicle for our 5,800 mile road trip! And to everyone along the way who hosted us, fed us and took time from your busy schedules to fellowship with us, a huge THANK YOU!The highlight of the trip for us, of course, was the wedding of Timothy and Julianne held at the beautiful Eden Gardens State Park in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.


Timothy and Julianne’s wedding was the first time in 2 1/2 years that we had been together with all our children in one place at the same time – definitely an extra blessing! In a few weeks we will reunite again in Holland for Lydia and Lennart’s wedding in Amsterdam.Here in Sarajevo, the Dobrinja fellowship is doing well – very thankful for those who stood in to lead during our absence. Most members of the fellowship are now gone on their summer vacations, so we are looking forward to September 1st, when life and ministry will finally get back to some level of ‘normalcy’ after a whirlwind of a summer.
Within the week we will be sharing with you about the exciting developments for the church-plant here in Dobrinja, and what it will mean for our ministry vision for Sarajevo.


PRAY for our friend Cristóbal Krusen, director of SABINA K. – first ever Bosnian Christian film. SABINA K. will be presented at the Sarajevo Film Festival (14-22 August). PRAY that Cris will have tremendous favor in his interactions with the Festival committee, media interviews and public contacts. PRAY for open hearts to the love of Jesus with all those who will be present for the screening of the film at the Festival. For more information about Cris and how to financially support his film ministry, and especially about SABINA K., please visit:
PRAY for the spiritual growth of our DOBRINJA fellowship and open hearts in the community towards the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
PRAY for the development of the FOCUS BUSINESS SCHOOL – we are planning to begin with a small group in September and then do a major public launch in February 2016.
PRAY for the further developments of the national Bosnian leadership team, which will be meeting on Wednesday, August 5th, and for doors to open wide for Bible distribution throughout the nation.
PRAY with us concerning our plans to return to the nation of Turkey this fall for another conference with the Iranian believers. In addition, we are planning to enter into northern Iraq (Kurdistan) – the situation is very fluid and volatile, to say the least. PRAY for the persecuted church!

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