From our time of prayer and fasting during the month of January came the decision to combine both Dobrinja and Pofalici groups into one fellowship, meeting at one location. So starting at the beginning of February we have a single Sunday worship service at our Dobrinja facility. We plan in September to begin small groups throughout the city and will reach out afresh to the Pofalici area at that time. Our core ministry team has been strengthened by this change and we sense a deeper spiritual health increasing within the fellowship.


As we have shared before, many people in the nation of Bosnia and Herzegovina are in ‘survival mode’ in the face of 45% unemployment and a severe drop in ‘buying power’. The economic forecast, without drastic changes, is not encouraging.
January our fellowship received several food boxes from an Austrian organization to pass out to families in need – which was a blessing for some of the needed families in our fellowship. As we gave the last box out, we thought about all the families in the Dobrinja area within walking distance of our church who are struggling just to have enough of food on the table each day. Then we thought, ‘Why wait till next Christmas on food boxes from Austria when we as a fellowship can ourselves do something now.’
So the opportunity presented is for everyone in our fellowship, who is willing and able, to bring at least one food item with them on Sundays to donate – we will then bless at least one family a week with a food box and Bible. The concept caught on immediately as so many now know what it means to receive help.
Pray for the Lord’s direction and blessing as our fellowship learns ‘it is more blessed to give than to receive.’

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