MAY 2014


Last week nearly one third (1.3 million citizens) of the nation of Bosnia, along with neighboring countries Croatia and Serbia, experienced the worst flooding in 120 years resulting in over 50 lives lost so far.  In addition to the devastating flood waters, many families have lost their homes due to nearly 3000 landslides throughout the region.  Complicating the situation is the dislodging of many of the 120,000 landmines untouched since the 1992-1995 civil war creating a further hazard in the recovery efforts. Please pray for the hearts of the Bosnian people to be open for the love and comfort of God as the local Bosnian churches and mission organizations reach out to them during this challenging time of severe suffering.  While we will still be in the USA till June 13th, we have been kept updated by various Bosnian pastors concerning both the most urgent immediate needs and also evaluating our long term involvement in the flood areas.
PRAY especially for pastors Bane & Daniela Erceg, who have pioneered churches in two of the most damaged cities – Banja Luka and Doboj.  Pastor Bane wrote us that the river in Doboj rose 18 feet within 40 minutes. One elderly member of their church died in the flood.
Pastor Bane and Sandrina during the worship service in Doboj during our February 2014 visit.

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