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Challenges for Prayer

The ethnic minorities are numerous, and all are in need of ministry.

a) Albanians represent 25% of Macedonia’s population, and their numbers are rapidly increasing through birth rates and immigration. Greater tensions between Albanians – with their demands for increasing political influence – and the majority of Macedonians seem inevitable, but neither group desires the upheaval suffered in neighbouring Kosovo. Almost all Macedonian Albanians are unevangelized Muslims, but there is an openness to loving witness. Thus far, there are no groups of Christians from a Macedonian Albanian background.

b) The Romani population is chronically poor, oppressed, uneducated, unemployed and captive to a blend of Islam and folk superstitions. Sutka, near Skopje, is home to many of Macedonia’s 80,000 Romani and is one of the largest Romani communities in the world. YWAM, Pioneers, the Methodists, Pentecostals and Baptists are all seeing fruit among the Romani.

c) The Turkish community lives mainly in eastern Macedonia. There are a handful of believers, but no evangelical church among them. A few groups are now engaged in outreach to them.

Foreign missions find Macedonia to be one of Europe’s neediest lands, responsive yet difficult. Worldshare, IMB, Pioneers, Frontiers, AoG, CMA, the Nazarenes and Partners International actively conduct ministry alongside indigenous ministry organizations. Pray also for the ministry of Exodus/IFES; many new converts are young people.


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