Goals for 2013


The Board of Stichting Healing the Nations, having discussed the needs within Sarajevo, Bosnia and throughout the Balkan region, approves the raising of funds and resources for the following projects and initiatives for 2013:

  1. Sarajevo: Develop and implement a church-planting strategy.

  2. Sarajevo: Pro-Life Counseling Center to assist unwed moms and teenage pregnancies:

    1. Baby clothes

    2. Baby food

    3. Shelter for unwed moms who are homeless or in a dangerous environment

    4. Education for life skills to enter the work force

    5. Translation and printing of materials in the Bosnian language

    6. STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) Prevention program

    7. Develop an Abstinence Presentation for the schools

  3. Sarajevo: Offer Marriage & Family Counseling;

  4. Bosnia: Support widows and orphans with food, clothing and heating;

  5. Balkan Region: Post-War Trauma Initiative to bring healing and restoration to lives suffering from the physical, emotional and mental wounds from war;

  6. Balkan Region: Reconciliation Program to rebuild trust and respect between varying ethnic groups;

  7. Balkan Region: Promoting Cultural Exchanges and the Creative Arts through hosting and supporting concerts, exhibits and forums;

  8. Balkan Region: Develop TV/Radio/Multi-Media advertisements and programming to promote all initiatives;

  9. Balkan Region: Develop a First Response Team in assisting in case of natural disasters.

  10. Balkan Region: Promote cooperation between governmental, religious and humanitarian organizations to fulfill these stated goals.


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